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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Management with Detox – Lets speed things up shall we!

Have a special occasion coming up? Lose 3 – 5 kilos in 1 week.

To get the quickest results you simply must detoxify to move the fat out of those stubborn cells. In order to have the liver offloading its fats and toxins we must release the plug from the bile ducts through the colonic hydrotherapy detoxification procedure.

We usually recommend 3 – 6 colonics depending to how much weight you would like to lose in order to reach your weight loss goal.

These days people’s conception of losing weight is minimizing their food intake?

The way we structure our programs is to help people choose from a wide variety of tasty nutritional foods for weight loss and to increase the metabolic rate at the same time maximizing energy and vitality levels.

Dehydration is the major factor to weight gain. Another added benefit to colon hydrotherapy.
Throughout a colonic treatment there is an introduction of 25 litres of water to hydrate the whole 6 feet of large intestine at the same time the liver is filtering through its toxins and fats simultaneously.
For added weight loss we introduce the infrared sauna treatment to detoxify from the internal organs bringing it out to the surface of the body. We recommend a 40min infra-red treatment for weight loss and 20min for a detox great for the lymphatic system.