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Colon Care Anna

Anna Paredes has been at the Colon Care Centre Pty. Ltd as a colon hydrotherapist over the past 19 years.

Certified in Colonic irrigation and now teaching other practitioners the same style and techniques that colonics have to offer with her own unique style. Anna also is a nutritionist and an RPA weight loss practitioner.

Anna is also the founder and president of the Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy Association Inc.

The association supports all the colon hydrotherapists throughout Australia in working together to promote colon hydrotherapy. Anna has been complimented by various people around the world. Anthony Robbins claims that colonics have helped him through his life

and continues to promote colon cleansing through his teachings, Buddhist monks, editors of newspapers and magazines, News readers, television representatives, models, actors, entertainers and many other wonderful local and international people.

Marie Claire – Harper’s Bazaar – New Idea – Sydney Morning Herald – Mind Body Soul in the Good Weekend have all featured articles about the Digestive Health Clinics Australia, colonic irrigation and and its amazing detoxification effects.