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How many colonics will I need on the open or closed system device?

We offer 3-4 Colonics in a space of 3 weeks, depending on how dehydrated the bowel is. We aim to clean 6 feet of large intestine from the caecum to the rectum.
Colonics help to speed the effect you are wanting to achieve, whether it be a liver or bowel cleanse. You have our total and focused support in your release from start to finish of each procedure, never leaving your side.

Why do we need to cleanse from within to achieve detoxification

Internal cleansing helps detoxify the Body & Mind to achieve optimum results of your well-being. Our lifestyle is what governs our well being and takes over our senses. For example an occasional drink with friends after work becomes drinking at home regularly after work. The same for the way we choose to eat, often making choices (fast food, junk food) that promote negative thoughts and actions.

(fast food, junk food) will promote bad negative thoughts and actions. Slowly you feel the toxin cycle begin. You reach a point of malaise, where you are unable to remember what it felt like to be without this ill feeling. We all need that initial support to put us on the right track. Once again everything will start to sound familiar-putting you in control of your life once more.

Benefits that our clients have experienced, from the first to last appointment.

  • Increase in energy & outlook in life
  • I feel a whole lot light and my digestive tract feels stressed free
  • I feel and look less bloated
  • My eyes are a lot brighter and my skin looks clearer
  • Faster metabolism- the loss of 3 -5 kilos in the first week.
  • Immune response is stronger to common colds or flu and sinus congestion
  • A sense of calmness and peace within my everyday life
  • A clear mind – the fogginess has gone.