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Time To Detox

Juice fasting is a means of cleansing and relieving stress from the digestive tract, allowing for greater physical wellness and appearance, and clarity of mind, providing overall balance for the mind, body and soul.

Vegetable juicing to detox helps to rebuild and cleanse our cells simultaneously. This cleanse will not leave you tired, lethargic or have healing crisis effects. That’s why we specifically designed it for the busy individual.

The Colon Care Centre does not promote water fasts for the obvious reason that we want the body to be eliminating toxins from the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin and colon whilst you are preparing for your ultimate in colon cleansing. Water fasting shuts down the body’s eliminating process holding back the toxins because it is undergoing a negative feedback reaction which means the body will not generally respond until there is a variation from the normal.

While you are juice fasting we are promoting total alkalinity to feed the cells whilst responding in lowering acidity, candida and cleansing each cell in the body.

During the 1st, 2nd, 3rd day of your vegetable juice fasting your body is eliminating toxins and the bowel’s own peristalsis is being activated giving great results before the colonic treatment.A colonic treatment is to be performed on the 4th day of your juice fasting. We support your detox by increasing the hydration within the descending , transverse and ascending colon to stimulate your bodies own peristalsis to eliminate more of the softened fecal plaque encouraged by the beetroots, silverbeet spinach and greens.

Daily Juice Requirements 3-5 litres of fluids are needed for the body’s elimination to function efficiently.




Day 1

1,2,3,4 Super Greens BOOST Soup Powder

Pressed lemon , sea salt, cayenne pepper, stevia / spinach, celery, cucumber / coconut water / spinach, beetroot, lemon, parsley, celery / Super Greens BOOST soup – 1 scoop with 250ml of hot water , peppermint tea before bed. Dilute each juice with 500ml water so you get a litre with each juice.

Day 2

1, 2, 3, 4 x 2 Super Greens BOOST soup, G.I.T tea 1-litre

Repeat above juicing instructions with tea and capsules and an additional 3rd juice x 2 , still having the super Greens BOOST soup for dinner adding 2 scoops to 500ml of hot water and a tablespoons of MISO paste made from brown rice followed by peppermint tea before bed.

Day 3

1, 2, 3, 4 x 3 Super Greens BOOST soup, G.I.T support capsules x 6

Repeat 1, 2, with the 3rd juice x 3, Super Greens BOOST soup 2 scoops to 500ml of hot water followed by peppermint tea before bed.

Day 4

Colonic Treatment Day

Make sure to have something for breakfast and lots of fluids depending on what time your treatment is booked for. Pea protein powder for breakfast and lunch with 2 tablespoons of brown rice for added fibre and coconut milk for enzyme production.