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7 Day juice & detox cleanse at any time

  • While you're working or taking time out. Drinking vegetable juices for 6 days - the 7th is a recovery detox dietary change day.
  • Health Talk on weight loss and gut health through your nutritional consultations along with mindset change in getting rid of all your limiting beliefs - this is included throughout your 6 colonics.
  • Consultation and prescribed Bach flower remedy specifically designed for you by our expert Stefano who also designs your juice cleanse specially made for you - for your 6 day juice cleanse.
  • 6 colonics - full abdominal massage and mindset change. Changing the communication between neurotransmitters and synapses between the Brain & Gut connection. Let the transformation begin.
  • 6 infra-red sauna treatments - 40 mins with Detox Tea

Every 3 days our cells renew themselves.
In 6 weeks our synapses can change, eliminating bad patterns whilst we cleanse

  • This is when the mind is re-wired. Nutritional consultation is conducted throughout your 4 colonic treatments.
  • 4 colonics and 6 infra-red sauna treatments in 7 days are suggested for new
  • neuropathways to be created. This is to encourage the creation of a new you.
  • The old you is left at the door once you enter into your detox.
  • Juices also contain super greens and your own skin brush with your box of goodies.
  • Pick up or delivery is also available.

DAY 1 - 3

No Need to go to a Health Retreat
Treat yourself in your daily routine

  • Juice - Bach flowers - dietary consultation
  • Detox knowledge - through your colonic treatments you are consulted about weight loss and changing eating patterns with gut health
  • Respect - walk yoga - jog - skin brush daily
  • Cleanse - 4 colonics and 6 infra-red
  • Experience change in 7 days

DAY 4 - 7

Juicing Retreat – Daily Program Routine:

  • Drink 500ml x 6 bottles of vegetable juice for 7 days / first 3 days are weight loss juices.
  • Daily skin brushing before a hot & cold rinse shower and rose petal bath salts for your detox bath.
  • Take bach flower remedies for your detox centre prescribed and designed especially for you through consultation in your first day of cleansing and detox.
  • 6 Infra-red sauna treatments to stimulate lymph glands.
  • Cleanse the only way you can 4 colonics – colonics cleanses 3 organ systems in 1 hour  – colon, liver and lymph glands.

Clinic hrs: 9am – 7pm

  • See fluid retention leave within the first colonic. Lose 3 – 5 kilos in 1st week.
  • Sleep 8 hours a day – Think nice thoughts before bed. Give thanks and respect the changes that your mind and body is experiencing working towards a new you. Remember when having colonics you are changing patterns by changing your synapses and neuro-transmitters.